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Reviews from Joel and Meggy’s Past Customers:

“I’ve just finished my Open Water course here and I can safely say that this has been one of the best experiences of my life. Everything was brilliant and I felt completely comfortable and looked after throughout my entire course. Thank you so much to my instructor Joel and dive master Meggy who were perfect teachers as they matched complete expertise in their field with an infectious love for diving.”
-Tom, TripAdvisor


“After spending over 20+ years in sports, graduating through college and semi-pro levels with elite coaches… I would propose that in terms of teaching, instructing & coaching — Joel is one of the best instructors you’d be able to find anywhere in the world… in any sport… period. The guy is legendary. That may seem like an overstatement, but I assure you it isn’t. Our group of 4 were all complete newbies to scuba (including me), but like any new skill, grasped the techniques being taught at varying levels. Some of us felt comfortable in the water and learned the skills very quickly (a testament to Joel‘s ability to teach advanced concepts. While others took longer to catch on, and felt less at home in the water (a testament to Joel‘s patience and persistence while coaching). In the end, ALL of us felt comfortable diving and executing the techniques that were taught. And ALL of us felt like we had TONS of attention, patience and expert mentorship from Joel.”
-Taylor, TripAdvisor


“When we arrived the next day for the actual dive Meggy talked us through all the technical stuff. She was great and answered all our questions with loads of detail! Joel was our diving instructor and he was fantastic! Really patient and professional and made us feel so at ease.”
-Byrne, TripAdvisor


“My husband wanted to finish his open water course but I am a nervous diver… The next day we were sent out with Joel Gerstman. He was so patient and explained everything so I understood. We had to go over all the skills we had previously learnt which was a great help as this was the part that terrified me when I first dived two years ago but I did it and the way Joel was calmed me down a lot. Joel gave me the confidence to not only get through my open water but I completed my advanced open water too. It’s amazing, I’m a diver!! We both highly recommend Joel as he was amazing even with someone who may be a bit nervous. Patience of a saint!”
-Lisa, TripAdvisor


“I was the only client with my dive master and Meggy in particular was amazing. The enthusiasm she had for showing me amazing stuff and making sure I had a fun, amazing and safe time while at the same time giving me many tips to improve as a diver was just incredible.”
-Murali, TripAdvisor


Joel, our diving instructor was so informative and helped us feel completely at ease during the dives. He delivered the course with excellent precision helping me feel more confident and calm under water and did everything he could to help me become a better and more efficient diver; with my breathing and buoyancy especially. Not only did he conduct the course both professionally and with humour but also knew where to look for interesting underwater life such as colourful nudie branches, sea snakes, giant crabs and different types of fish and would point them out to us when he could.”
-Chaeli, TripAdvisor


“Our dive guide is Meggy. She’s one of the best female dive guide we had. She will make sure to give all her best. Very observant with all creatures for us to see. We saw a lot of different creatures. After that dive I felt sea sick and Meggy look after me well… As its our first night dive, and I find it scary. However, Meggy turn our experience fun. diving at night can be one of the most relaxing, sensory dive experiences. We Witnessed the creatures of the night and the different behaviours of animals after dark was a real privilege. Meggy help us feel safe and relax underwater. She’s familiar with the area and know well how to navigate it.”
-Vanessa, TripAdvisor


“I’ve just finished my Open Water course, it was a wonderful experience. I had some trouble breathing and clearing my mask at first but my instructor, Joel, was very patient and understanding and reassured me. I gained so much confidence that I even joined up for an extra day where we did a Deep Adventure and Night Adventure dive!”
-Bauke, TripAdvisor


“I had an amazing day! Together with one friend and the best instructor called Meggy, we did the discovery dive. I really enjoyed it. She explained it so well and we had so much time. I liked that it was only the three of us. Would definitely recommend!”
-Katrien, TripAdvisor


“Staff are so welcoming and friendly, and their instruction is top knotch. My instructor for Open Water, Joel, took excellent care in ensuring we understood everything, and was very patient whenever I struggled with anything. I had severe equalization problems with one ear that could have ruined the experience but he carefully looked after me and guided me until the issue disappeared.”
-Arielle, TripAdvisor


“I worked with two instructors, Lorne and Meggy, who were both kind, funny, and extremely patient. I was VERY nervous starting the course, but by the end I loved it! … And I highly recommend a fun dive with Meggy!”
-Erin, TripAdvisor


“It has been a few weeks now since I completed my PADI open water dive course but I haven’t stopped thinking about how amazing it was ever since… Our instructor Joel was very reassuring on day 1 when we were feeling overwhelmed by the information in the PADI video, and right enough, none of it was as scary as it may initially seem. Joel continued to take us through the course with his excellent teaching and the small group of us (just 3 students with Joel) had a good laugh throughout too.”
-Craig, TripAdvisor


“For the advance we got Lorne and Meggy and it was without doubt the highlight of our 2 month holiday. Lorne focused on making us the best divers he could and Meggy focused on making it the most fun humanly possible. If you get a chance to dive with either grab it with two hands. Especially Meggy she may well be the best thing Italy has ever exported.”
-James, TripAdvisor


“If you wanna make sure you get the best, learn from the best! Joel was an amazing instructor with lots of patience and good sense of humour. Even if I didn’t understand something at the beginning he helped me with clarifying. He wanted to make sure I am confident underwater. Thank you again!”
-Dorottya, TripAdvisor


“Did two fun dives with Meggy as instructor, was a great experience with a great instructor! Had a lot of fun, really recommend her!”
-Mollie, TripAdvisor


“My instructor for my open water course was Joel. He made a real effort getting to know the group and making us feel comfortable. He really knows his stuff about diving which put any nerves I had as a beginner at ease. I knew I could trust him as an instructor before I had even got into the water with him which made the whole learning experience a lot more enjoyable”
-Jacob, TripAdvisor


“Joel was very patience and funny, and he also speak Thai fluently, my favorite was when we cracked some eggs under the water. Meggy was also an awesome instructor, I also has lots of fun diving with her, thank you to both for my amazing diving experience.”
-Minnow, TripAdvisor


Joel was so helpful and got me signed up for the Open Water course and my girlfriend on a refresher for the next morning and even took us down the road to get us into some cheap and really nice accommodation. He made it easy to learn all the skills and was very laid back and friendly which made you feel more comfortable… Joel went above and beyond what we expected and made it fun and easy to learn”
-Aiden, TripAdvisor


“We have a great time learning scuba diving here. Joel and Meggy are really great and helped us via the course in a friendly yet professional manner.”
-Natthanit, TripAdvisor


“We had the most amazing three day course with Joel… He and the rest of the staff were patient, professional, attentive, and clearly very passionate about diving. They made the course so enjoyable and a truly unforgettable experience. Highly recommend them!”
-Ali, TripAdvisor


“Our instructor Joel was absolutely great. He was patient and we were feeling comfortable the entire time.”
-Anne, TripAdvisor


Joel was my instructor and I couldn’t praise him enough, so helpful and patient when I wasn’t getting the skills and the start and always great fun. Fantastic staff and services!!!”
-Cliodhna, TripAdvisor


“I had one on one tutoring with Joel– he was awesome, couldn’t have asked for better! Really patient, a great diver and made learning so fun and such a great experience. Highly highly recommend!”
-Anouska, TripAdvisor


“Couldn’t have asked for a better open water PADI certification experience… I had Joel as my instructor. He was patient, knowledge, passionate about diving, and generally joellicious. I highly recommend this instructor and dive school!”
-Rena, TripAdvisor


“I did my Open Water with Joel and he was amazing! He made sure that all of us were super comfortable underwater and that we mastered the skills. I really enjoyed my course that I decided to continue with my Advanced Open Water. I had Joel again as my instructor and he did such a great job in making sure I was becoming a better diver at the end of my course!!!”
-Jenn, TripAdvisor


“The team was both professional and fun which made the experience feel both safe and exciting. I expected the 4 days of training to feel like hard work, but our instructor (Joel) was such a good teacher that each member of my group aced the test without having to study at all in our free time. I went there initially to get a recreational diving licence, but my experience was so positive that I’m planning on doing my Advanced Course soon, and maybe even my Master Diver’s course thereafter. I would have done it there and then if I’d had the time. To finish off, feel free to request Joel, he’s a very easy-going guy that’ll make you feel confident in your own abilities from the start.”
-Tayani, TripAdvisor


“Just had the best time doing my Advanced. All the people there are super nice and professionel. My instructor was Joel an absolute legend. Such a nice and funny person. Always there to give you a hand. Was a pleasure to go diving with him.”
-Chris, TripAdvisor


“I am extremely happy that I chose to get my open water certification! I don’t think I could have made a better decision! My dive instructor was Joel and he was great! I always felt like he was very aware and ready to help if I needed anything. He is an amazing teacher and I am so glad that I got to know him. We did several fun dives with him after the course.”
-Anna, TripAdvisor


“My instructor Joel, came from USA, he was such a nice guy, and easy to learn from. He could easily have taught a monkey to dive. He know the reefs like his backpocket!”
-Matias, TripAdvisor


“Our instructor (Joel) was amazing, literally nothing was a hassle (whether it was advise on ear drops, speaking Thai or fins rubbing your feet) he was so patient and made it all very easy-going, with plenty of laughs under the water. Joel also recommended places around the island to eat or visit and just had a real buzz for what he was doing, I guess that kind of attitude is infectious :)”
-Kirsty, TripAdvisor