Shark Guardian Dive Center

Shark Guardian

Sea Gypsy Divers is proud to support non-profit charity organization Shark Guardian.  We are currently recognized as one of a growing number of Shark Guardian Dive Centers worldwide.  Together we can raise awareness about the global threat posed to sharks, one of the ocean’s most important fish species.


Shark Guardian’s Mission

Shark Guardian’s mission is to promote shark and marine conservation worldwide through education programs, research projects and exciting diving expeditions.  Founded in 1998, it gained official recognition as a UK charity organization in 2013.  Throughout the year, Shark Guardian Dive Leaders conduct educational presentations in schools to raise awareness of the importance of sharks to the ocean ecosystem, and the critical threat humans pose to their existence.  Humans kill an estimated 70 to 100 million sharks each year in hunting them for their fins.  Shark populations have declined as much as 90% in some areas due to human impact.


Get Involved

Earn your certificate as a Shark Guardian Diver with Sea Gypsy Divers. You will learn more about sharks and ongoing conservation efforts, attempt to record sightings while diving or snorkeling, and submit observations to an online database tracking shark populations around the globe.

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To directly support Shark Guardian, please consider donating to this important charity:

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